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Child and Adolescent Parenting, Northern Sydney Local Health District
District: Northern Sydney
Cost: $150pp
Phone: 8877 5376
From: Wednesday, 29 May 2019
To: Wednesday, 26 June 2019
5 week course for parents & carers of teenagers to help your teenager develop emotional intelligence, learn skills to talk to & understand your teenager, help them to manage their emotions, prevent be ... read more
Metro Assist
District: Sydney District
Cost: Free (Childcare also provided)
Phone: 02 9798 1700
From: Wednesday, 29 May 2019
To: Wednesday, 03 July 2019
Tuning in to kids is six-week evidence-based parenting program that focuses on the emotional connection between parents and children. In particular the program teaches parents skills in emotion coachi ... read more
Mission Australia, c/-Miller Community Preschool
District: South Western Sydney
Suburb: Miller
Phone: 9732 6701
From: Thursday, 06 June 2019
To: Thursday, 27 June 2019
These Seminars are to support parents in their parenting role and provide them with skills in various situations that occur when children are demanding attention. This seminar will be followed by g ... read more
Fairfield City Council - Families Together Project
District: South Western Sydney
Cost: NIL
Phone: 0407 708 626
On: Tuesday, 30 July 2019
Worrying is a part of childhood development, however too much worrying can lead to anxiety. Up to 22% of children experience anxiety in a more intense manner. This can affect their learning and social ... read more
Campbell Page
District: Southern NSW
Suburb: Moruya
Phone: 0407-959-602
From: Tuesday, 30 July 2019
To: Tuesday, 27 August 2019
Level 5 Triple P is for parents with additional concerns. It often follows on from parents having completed a Level 4 Triple P Group or Individual sessions. This Level 5 Pathways will be in a gro ... read more
Mission Australia
District: Murrumbidgee
Suburb: ALBURY
Cost: FREE
Phone: 6942 8002
From: Wednesday, 31 July 2019
To: Wednesday, 07 August 2019
Assists parents to work out what teen behaviours need to be addressed as adolescents’ move towards independence. Helps parents assess adolescent behaviour and how to engage in a ‘tough conversation’ w ... read more
Family Support Network Lismore
District: Northern NSW
Suburb: South Lismore
Cost: nil
Phone: 02 6621 2489
From: Thursday, 01 August 2019
To: Thursday, 26 September 2019
An innovate program developed specifically for the challenges after disruption in family life, such as, loss, family breakdown and family violence. The program offers a non blaming way to get parents ... read more
Prosper (Project Australia)
District: Sydney District
Cost: FREE
Phone: 0402787571
From: Monday, 05 August 2019
To: Monday, 16 September 2019
连续七周的专门为讲国语的家长们开设的免 费亲子讲座: 此讲座解释了孩子如何通过从家长那儿寻求支持从 而发展他们的自信心和安全感.教会家长如何通过 读懂孩子的情绪需求来了解他们的情绪世界,帮助 孩子如何成功地调节情绪,发展并增强他们的自信 心,智慧地引导孩子从而使他们感到更安全. read more
Parks Community Network
District: South Western Sydney
Phone: 9609 7400
From: Monday, 05 August 2019
To: Monday, 09 September 2019
NHÓM 3P TIẾNG VIỆT TẠI TRƯỜNG TIỂU HỌC CABRAMATTA Để trở thành bậc cha mẹ hoàn hảo, Các bạn hãy tham dự chương trình 3P (POSITIVE PARENTING PROGRAM- HƯỚNG DẪN DẠY CON CÁCH SỐNG TÍCH CỰC) cho tất c ... read more
Central Coast Family Support
District: Central Coast
Cost: Free
Phone: 4340 1585
From: Monday, 12 August 2019
To: Monday, 23 September 2019
Stand Together is a 6 week group work program for mothers who have left a domestic family violence relationship. This group will assist to build skills and knowledge to assist mothers in their parenti ... read more
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