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Trauma Informed Work With Aboriginal Families; Building Relationships and Partnerships in Aboriginal Communities

The starting date for this event has passed. Some events are ongoing, check the dates and information below to see if you can still attend.
Making Your Work, Work for Aboriginal Families and Communities

Trauma Informed Work with Aboriginal Families (DAY 1) & Building Relationships and Partnerships in Aboriginal Communities (DAY 2)

In this 2-day workshop you will increase your knowledge of the impact of trauma on Aboriginal children, families and communities, and build your ability to foster relationships and partnerships.

This workshop aligns with the FaCS Targetted Earlier Intervention priority of increasing and improving access to culturally safe services for ATSI families and communities.


Day 1: Trauma Informed work with Aboriginal families

Learn about the intersecting impacts of colonisation and other violent forms of oppression on Aboriginal people, particularly on people’s capacity to parent and on the growth and development of children.


*Increase knowledge and understanding of trauma and its impact on the growth and development of children and parenting capacities.

*Increased knowledge and understanding of how Aboriginal peoples’ experiences of trauma impacts on daily life.

*Increased confidence to apply acknowledgement of this trauma and oppression to your work with Aboriginal people through trauma informed practice.

*This workshop can be challenging but very rewarding in building your understanding and confidence when working with Aboriginal families and communities in your local area.


Day 2: Build Relationships and Partnerships in Aboriginal Communities

This workshop builds on your ability to foster relationships and partnerships in Aboriginal communities with other agencies and workers and with the families that access services.

Explore tools for working with individual families in a culturally safe way.


*Increase knowledge and understanding of what collaborative and inclusive partnerships and practice look like to Aboriginal organisations and workers.

*Increase capacity to work inclusively and collaboratively with Aboriginal organisations and workers to appropriately refer and welcome families.

*Increase capacity to intervene with Aboriginal people and families in culturally safe ways.

Please note that this is a TWO DAY workshop.

Members: $187.00; Non-Members: $308.00. Morning tea and lunch provided on both days. Please advise of special dietary needs, or other needs when you register online.

Cost: Members: $187.00; Non-Members: $308
Location: Nepean Shores, Penrith, 6-22 Tench Avenue
Postcode: 2750
District: Nepean Blue Mountains

Map / Location

Event Leader/Facilitator
Sigrid Herring
8:45 AM - 4:00 PM
From: Monday, 27 August 2018
To: Tuesday, 28 August 2018
Specifically For
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Parents
Trauma Informed Work
Aboriginal Families
Aboriginal Communities
Building Relationships
Impacts of Colonisation
Development of Children
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