Godelieve Hofman-Verkuyl
Godelieve is an experienced parent educator and family support worker who is passionate about helping families making positive changes to their lives. She has successfully facilitated this through a whole range of parenting education programs, semin
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Tuning in to Kids, Triple P Group (Level 4) , Circle of Security Parenting, Cool Kids Anxiety Management Program, Tuning in to Teens, Triple P Seminar (Level 4) , Other, CHILLAX, RAGE, Parenting children with AD/HD, Cert 4 T&A, Masters degree in Communication
Northern Sydney
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32 Chisholm Avenue AVALON BEACH NSW 2107
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Good Family Life
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Godelieve Hofman-Verkuyl is an accredited facilitator in a range of research based parenting programs, including Triple P, Circle of Security, Tuning into Kids, Tuning into Teens, parenting a child with ADHD,and Cool Kids. Godelieve also works directly with you people by facilitating CHILLAX (for children with ADHD) and RAGE (for children and teenagers with anger management issues). She also delivers one-off seminars on Anxiety, Anger, Positive relationships building and Emotion Coaching.

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