Heather Craven
I am a Speech Pathologist with 36 years experience, in early childhood educations and intervention.Now working in private practice.
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1-2-3® Magic & Emotion Coaching, Engaging Adolescents ™, Other, The Hanen Parent Programs "It Takes Two To Talk"; "MoreThan Words"; and "TalkAbility" "Target Word" "Learning Language and Loving It"
Sydney District
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9 Cormiston Avenue CONCORD NSW 2137
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Self employed
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I have a private practice in the Inner West of Sydney offering child centred and family focussed services for children with communication delay/disorders. .
I hold certificates in Hanen Parent Education Programs for families with children with communication disorders.
I am also a licensed 123 Magic and Emotion Coaching and Engaging Adolescents practitioner, and organise regular parent education courses .

I hold a Diploma in Professional Counselling.

My special interest is in working with families.

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