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Social Trainer 30 years experience across community sector
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Parents SOS Consultancy
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The Art of Parenting.

I am a Behaviour Consultant with 30 years of practical experience in the Community Services and private sector. I provide parent education assisting in preventing and dealing with tantrums, bad attitudes and challenging behaviours.

I am Ceo and Founder of my own business Parents SOS Consultancy which began because I do not like the way unacceptable behaviour is occurring so often in society. I take a holistic approach to parent child relationships and look at triggers that cause challenging behaviour within the family dynamics.

Parents SOS Consultancy gives a Common Sense approach to parenting and education is aimed at parents changing what they do to achieve changes in their children.

Knowledge before your child turns one can prevent tantrums and challenging behaviours, after that age it is knowledge on how you deal with them.

Hourly appointments are confidential and relative to individual needs and families.

*Parents SOS Consultancy is now able to offer to working parents not only M-F appointments but also evening and weekend availability. My aim is to fit in with you, not the other way round.*

Parents of special needs children are shown how you can differentiate between personality and disability.

My Half Day Seminars- Don't Confuse The Baby. The ABC of Parenting 101: How to stop tantrums, bad attitudes and challenging behaviour. How the correct communication techniques can work for you.

My Two Day Training Session- What Fish Is Your Child:?The ABC of Parenting 102: A look at parent child relationships and triggers within those relationships. The Art of role play. How change can make a difference and break the generation cycle. This also includes a practical component to suit you the parent and family. Includes Seminar and copy of my book What Fish is Your Child?

Appointments, Seminars and Training Sessions are all conducted at my office in SPRINGWOOD NSW. (Training sessions have options available to suit)


Prepaid Seminar Gift Vouchers available for Baby Showers. These can be purchased online or by direct request through website.

Based on ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) and Gestault Therapy.

* Police cleared Working With Children Check*

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ph 0429 021 821

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