Parramatta/Holroyd Family Support Inc.
Not-for-profit Family Support Service
Western Sydney
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37 Collins St Pendle Hill 2145
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Parramatta/Holroyd Family Support Inc. is a community based family support service for families in the Parramatta and Holroyd local government areas. We provide an efficient, preventative service to our families who seek support from Parramatta/Holroyd Family Support Inc. to improve their well-being. We address issues such as family violence, child development/behaviour strategies and parent/child relationship.

Parramatta/Holroyd Family Support Inc. provides services for families from all cultural backgrounds and family types who have dependent children under 12 years of age living at home or have a restoration case plan in place.

Our belief is that families have their own strengths and our aim is to assist them in developing those strengths to support the parent/child relationship. We aim to provide different strategies and to work with families through the different and often difficult stages, as well as to offer various programs.

We welcome the opportunity to work in partnership with other agencies in improving the wellbeing of local families.


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