Susanne Zapatero
Pychotherapist/family, Couple and Child Therapist
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10 Hurlstone Avenue Hurlstone Park 2193
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Journey through the Sands of Time
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Unresolved issues such as abuse and violation, trauma, grief and loss, limiting
perceptions and beliefs, and affective states such as sadness, loneliness, anger,
and despair can stop us from reaching our goals. They can wreak havoc in our
personal lives, resulting in unsatisfying relationships, or lead to feelings of being
‘stuck’, replaying the same scenarios over and over.

Emotional and psychological well-being comes from being able to respond to life
events by being able to communicate your needs and desires, your hurts and joys.
Psychotherapy can aide in the process of self education and broaden your
understanding of you, and how you can develop and work towards getting your
needs met.

The Psychotherapy I offer is a blend of modalities that enables the process of
healing experiential wounds from our personal history that effect how we function
in our lives now

I offer a variety of modalities such as Relationship Counselling,
Gestalt Therapy, Sandplay and Object Counselling, Integrative and Experiential
Counselling such as, Creative Writing and Journaling, and Creative Drawing.
Each of these tools may be used as appropriate aides on your personal journey
or couple/family work towards transformation, integration and wholeness.

Working with these creative and complementary modalities enables personal
and spiritual well being, bringing greater mindfulness, depth and clarity to the
choices you make.

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