Lyra L'Estrange
Parenting by Connection - nurturing the parent-child relationship
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Parenting by Connection Instructor
Illawarra Shoalhaven
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Southern Highlands ROBERTSON NSW 2577
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Lyra L'Estrange Parenting Support
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Lyra is a certified Parenting by Connection Instructor with Hand in Hand Parenting, and has practiced this approach with her own two children since her eldest was born in 2010. She regularly teaches classes and workshops in the Southern Highlands and Shoalhaven area, and also online.

In 2007, Lyra completed a PhD in Public Health and now puts her research and teaching skills into practice with her current work in Parenting by Connection. She is dedicated to learning each day from her children, fellow parents, and through a keen interest in reading and keeping up to date with the latest research. Lyra is also working towards being accredited as an Aware Parenting Instructor, through the Aware Parenting Institute.

You can contact Lyra through her website or follow her on Facebook: Parenting by Connection With Lyra L'Estrange. You can also find out more about Parenting by Connection at

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