Melinda Burgess
Cultivating Balanced Kids and Happy Parents
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Triple P Group (Level 4) , 1-2-3® Magic & Emotion Coaching, Circle of Security Parenting, My Kids and Me, Triple P Seminar (Level 4) , Bringing Up Great Kids, Other, Black Box Parenting, Incredible Years, Triple P Self Directed
Hunter New England
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55 Fitzroy Rd LAMBTON NSW 2299
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Love Parenting
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Mel Burgess - Parenting Consultant/Mentor - Love Parenting

I create space for parents to slow down and reflect on what they want for their family....then I gear them up to go and create it.

Prior to going into private practice I worked for 10 years as a Parent Educator at the Family Action Centre (University of Newcastle)

I am now known for my specialty in working with parents who enjoyed a sense of competence at uni and in the workforce, but who -since becoming parents- have been surprised how overwhelmed they feel trying to set their kids up to thrive or in aspiring to get parenting 'right'.

I have a vision for Newcastle that involves a whole lot of parents feeling a whole lot less stressed (and all the great ripple effects that go with that)

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